"Out Of This World Good!"

L&R Poultry & Produce is a family owned and operated, 72 acre woodland farm, located an hour SE of Minneapolis/St.Paul  in Goodhue County, MN.  Rolling hills, streams, and mixed hardwood trees surround us.  Wild turkeys, deer, badgers, coyotes, owls, and snapping turtles, all make their home on our farm and often "snack" on our vegetables!

Chickens and Turkeys
All of the poultry on our farm are free range and spend much of the day scavenging for worms, bugs, seeds, and greens. Their natural diet is supplemented with a corn and soybean based feed that contains no animal or poultry by-products, no antibiotics, and no hormones or artificial growth stimulants. The mill in Goodhue, MN has our feed recipe and grinds our feed fresh for us.  The turkeys that we raise are old time varieties such as the Standard and Broad-Breasted Bronze.
Maple Syrup 
Our woods is mostly sugar maples, therefore, we make maple syrup! In early March we tap over 100 maple trees and collect the sweet sap until mid April.  We boil the sap in large pans over a wood fire to evaporate the water, leaving behind the thick golden amber syrup. Sugaring is hard work, lots of fun, and very tasty!
Our vegetables are grown organically without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  We manage our soil very carefully and use crop rotation, and composted poultry manure to naturally increase soil fertility.  We also use grassed strips and cover crops to minimize soil erosion.  All of our vegetables are grown dry land, meaning that we grow only the types of vegetables suited to our soil type and climate, without depleting valuable groundwater resources or electricity.

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